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Keeping kids healthy in the midst of a pandemic

It's no secret. You're scared for the health of your children and your family. That routine physical that you scheduled? You put that off because the risk of being in a doctor's office was too high. That was then. We are now two months into quarantine and know that challenging times remain ahead for the foreseeable future. However, you weren't the only one missing routine vaccines and physicals. The CDC just published a study stating that vaccination rates have rapidly declined. Our fear as pediatricians is that some of the vaccine-preventable illnesses like Measles may make a comeback. Public health officials estimate that a community vaccination rate of 93-95% is required to prevent a widespread outbreak of measles. We will remain open to serve our community and take care of children. We highly encourage children of all ages to come in for preventative and well-child visits. We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

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